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On Sunday, 18 September, Year 9 students went on a three-day ski trip to the Snowy Mountains in Southern New South Wales, accompanied by Mr Johnson, Mr Breen and Mr Burfitt, as well as two dads - Mr Llagas and Mr Mercado. It was a four-hour trip from Wollemi to Jindabyne, where they stayed at Bungarra Alpine Centre. Enjoy Luke B's account below!

"Each morning we woke just before 6 am, had breakfast then headed to Thredbo Ski Resort in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. We had 2-hour ski lessons in the morning and free time after lunch. It was good to see the Wollemi spirit in the boys as we quickly picked up the hang of skiing. The conditions were perfect. It was sunny, cold, and not too windy. We were very fortunate to get a decent amount of snow this late in the season.

After 2 days of skiing lessons, most of Year 9 went up the mountain to a more challenging ski slope. On the chairlifts, there were stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and there was a massive amount of fresh powdery snow. By this stage, the boys were pros at skiing down the steep slopes and showed great encouragement to each other.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were very privileged to have Holy Mass celebrated for us at St Patrick’s Church, Cooma. We were warmly welcomed by the priest and the locals of the town. Unfortunately, our Australian Alpine Adventure had to come to an end on Wednesday, 21 September. We packed our bags that morning and had one last morning at Thredbo. On the bus, we had sing-alongs and guessing competitions before arriving back at Wollemi.

On behalf of the Year 9 class, I would like to thank the teachers and dads that came for their time and effort in making this camp not only possible but awesome as well."

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