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On Monday the 2nd of May, 2022, Year 3 finished their science unit on classification with a trip to Sydney Zoo! After being rescheduled due to heavy rain conditions last term, God blessed us with a sunny day which would sum up the great day the students had!

There was an excellent discussion with one of the zoo keepers on the many Aboriginal tribes of our First Nations people. He showed us many tools used by the tribes to catch food, as well as tools they used every day. The talk concluded with the kids getting painted just like the tribes do, with the colours and markings signifying certain statuses in tribes.

After a quick recess break, the students were treated to a classification activity with one of the zoo keepers. This gave students an opportunity to showcase their learnings over the course of the term, with the boys doing very well!

After observing a variety of different animals, which included elephants, tigers, lions, and a plethora of reptiles and insects, the students completed a worksheet as their final assessment. Some weary legs then dragged themselves onto the bus to take us back to Wollemi College. It was a great day for all!

Thank you very kindly to Mr. Estaban and Mrs. Tu’ipulotu for volunteering their time to assist with the activities at the zoo with the students. We truly appreciate your time and support!

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