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Wollemi College's Year 3 Father-Son Camp at Camp Yarramundi was a remarkable experience filled with excitement, laughter, and precious bonding moments. From thrilling challenges to heartfelt conversations, the camp showcased the spirit of adventure and connection shared by our boys and their fathers.

The Alpine Rescue challenge tested the boys' teamwork and problem-solving skills, while the Giant Swing created unforgettable memories as fathers and sons embraced the thrill. Meaningful discussions took place during the dad talks, led by Mr Mojica. These sessions provided a platform for fathers to share their wisdom, experiences, and life lessons, fostering a deeper connection between generations.

A special thank you goes to our incredible sons, who wholeheartedly embraced the camp's activities, endured their fathers' jokes, and created a joyful atmosphere that enhanced the overall experience. The Year 3 Father-Son Camp exemplifies the core values of Wollemi College – adventure, family connections, and shared experiences. It is through events like these that we strengthen relationships, build character, and create lasting memories.

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