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The Year 2's first Father and Son Camp took place this past weekend at Wollemi College, and it was an immense success despite the heavy rain. Hosted by Blue Gum Lodge, they had plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. With activities like sports, rock climbing, catapults, and fun games, there was never a dull moment!

The highlight of the camp was the legendary Dad's BBQ, accompanied by lively music from the dads. The atmosphere was filled with joy and bonding as fathers and sons came together for an unforgettable experience. A special thank you goes to Mr Johnson, Mr Tu'ipulotu, and Mr Breen for organising the camp, as well as all the participating dads.

The Father and Son Camps are an integral part of Wollemi College, reflecting the school's core values. The event emphasised the importance of nurturing father-son relationships outside of daily routines. As the first Year 2 Father and Son Camp concluded, everyone eagerly anticipates future camps, continuing the tradition of strengthening family connections and creating lifelong memories at Wollemi College.

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