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The year 12 class just got back from a 2-day seminar in Blue Gum, Springwood, and on behalf of the class, I can definitely say that we had a great time. The camp was a sort of halfway point, as we come towards the last 6 months of our schooling life. As Mr Johnson says, it was a way of stepping back from school for a minute, which he claims were representative of the fact we didn't wear school uniform.

The seminar included a large amount of free time giving our class a chance to bond and be more united as we come ever close to the mountain of the HSC. We had a total of 6 talks over the 2 days, coming from both teachers and welcomed guests like Mike Greenwell. 

I believe the seminar provided us all with more clarity as we come closer to the “Finishing line”, as one of the talks called it. One thing that stood out for me was the advice given was not purely about how to smash out the HSC, but how to continue into our life after graduation, such as Mr Mejia’s financial advice talk or Mike Greenwell's talk about addiction. It's conversations and experiences like these that make Wollemi stand apart from other schools.


Jeremy W

College Vice Captain

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