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Every year, the Year 11 class goes on a character-building seminar at the start of Term 3, which is their last term as Preliminary students before continuing on to Year 12 and the HSC in Term 4. These seminars serve to give our students the opportunity to step out of the busy life of a year 11 student to reflect on the big picture topics of life, as well as bond with their classmates and teachers.

Enjoy Noah's reflection below!

Last Friday I was lucky enough to participate in the Year 11 2022 seminar. This amazing event provided us with a great insight into some of the less spoken about issues in a young teen's life. There were great talks about leadership and self-reflection from Mr Johnson and Mr Ramos. My favourite talk, however, was from Mr Michael Greenwell who gave a very honest talk on the effects of addictions on people's lives. 

As well as great talks, there was also plenty of time for sports. The second half of the Seminar was held at the Don Bosco Centre and between the trampoline and intense ping pong tournaments between Mr Wright and Fr Sam, the afternoon was full of entertainment. I also want to thank those responsible for the amazing lunch!

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