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Our students at Wollemi College recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Young Healthy Minds Forum, where they shared their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on enhancing mental well-being within our school community. The experience was extraordinary, marking our first participation in this event as a resounding success!

The forum brought together students from various backgrounds and groups. Our students not only bonded with their peers from other schools but also had the chance to listen to inspiring stories that highlighted the value of life and the importance of mental health. One of the standout moments was our own student-led role-play on unmasking insecurities, which resonated deeply with the audience. 

We are immensely proud of our very own Mr Khoury, who played a significant role in the forum's Q&A platform. Through his guidance and insights into personal mental struggles, he provided valuable support and guidance to our students and other attendees. The Young Healthy Minds Forum has played a pivotal role in uniting our students, creating a safe space for them to openly share their challenges and engage in meaningful discussions on overcoming obstacles. The bonds formed during this event will undoubtedly strengthen our school community as we continue to prioritise mental well-being.

While the forum marked an important milestone, it is only the beginning of the real work ahead. Our students are now equipped with fresh perspectives, new ideas, and a united front to address mental health concerns within our school. We are excited to witness their passion and dedication as they bring their innovative ideas to life on our campus.

At Wollemi College, we remain committed to nurturing the well-being of our students and fostering a supportive environment where their voices are heard. The Young Healthy Minds Forum has provided an invaluable platform for our students to actively contribute to the conversation surrounding mental health. We extend our appreciation to all the students who participated, as well as the organisers who made this event successful.

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