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Wollemi College welcomed students back for Term 4 with an exciting surprise: brand-new basketball courts! Over the holidays, the college joined forces with Dream Courts to convert their old concrete courts into a custom-designed masterpiece that promises to elevate the sports and recreational experience for everyone.

These high-performance courts feature cutting-edge tiles securely fixed into the ground, offering both top-notch performance and safety for players. Designed to provide the best possible game experience, the courts boast enhanced shock absorption, optimal bounce, and noise reduction. They are also UV resistant, quick to dry after rain, and require minimal upkeep, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Sporting the school's vibrant colours and equipped with indoor-worthy rings and clear linings for various sports, these new courts offer endless possibilities for students to engage in sports and physical activities, as well as school events like assemblies. 

Wollemi College is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment and fostering a strong sense of community. The college invites everyone to come and see the new courts for themselves at the next Open Day, where they can experience the cutting-edge facilities firsthand.


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