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Wollemi College witnessed an amazing display of determination and courage during its Primary Cross Country event. Among the memorable moments, one incident stood out as a shining example of care and support. During the race, a Year 2 student faced difficulties, but Mr Tu'ipulotu, one of our staff members, selflessly ran alongside him until the end, exemplifying the compassion our staff have for our students.

Credit goes to Mr Bayliss and Mr Baxter for organising a fantastic event. We also extend our gratitude to the Year 10 students who assisted. The Cross Country event showcased the values of Wollemi College, fostering a culture of care and sportsmanship. Wollemi College takes pride in cultivating an environment where character and integrity are valued.


Shortly after was the Secondary Cross Country event! The competition was intense, with thrilling finishes and impressive athletic performances. We extend our congratulations to the following exceptional athletes who emerged victorious in their respective races:

- 12 Years: Klim D

- 13 Years: Royal R

- 14 Years: Augustine P

- 15 Years: Micah A

- 16 Years: Koshin K

- 17 Years: Giovany N

- 18 Years: Noah T

Their dedication and talent were evident as they excelled in their age groups, showcasing their commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all participants for their commitment and a special salute to the winners. As we continue to foster a holistic approach to education, we celebrate the success of the Cross Country and express our gratitude to everyone involved. We eagerly anticipate future events that will further showcase the talents and sportsmanship of our students.


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