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Pancake Day, celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, was a great success this year. Everyone had their share, and we still had leftovers! I honestly did not expect so many pancakes, with so much variety, to be available. All the thanks go to the parents and volunteers who organised the whole thing and cooked the pancakes for all of us. The last time we had an event like this one with the same energy would have to have been Grandparents' Day a few years ago. Hopefully, we can create events like this again sometime this year.

While it was a very enjoyable lunch, the message behind it should not be forgotten. It was a way for us to prepare ourselves for this season of Lent. It has been nearly a full week and we should all think about how our Lent resolutions are going, if we have stuck to them or if we have slacked off. The important thing is that we try again because we are trying to prepare ourselves for Easter, which should be an even bigger celebration than Pancake Day. 

Again, a final thank you to all the people responsible for making the day possible, our class parents and parents, and a reminder to persevere through Lent, not sorrowfully, but with anticipation for even greater things to come. Please enjoy the photos of a great day!

Daniel O'Neill, Year 12

School Captain 

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