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As Head of Personalised Education at Wollemi College, our very own Jack Johnson was asked to talk on The Parent-Teacher Project podcast about community service - what is it, how can your children practice it and where do they begin?

At Wollemi College, Community Service is something we talk about all the time with students. How can students think of others more and their needs? Whether this be in the small day to day tasks or in a bigger way, helping entire communities and countries for the better.

Mr Johnson brings plenty of examples and describes how students can learn to be more generous through acts of service at home and school in this episode. Catch Mr Johnson on the latest episode of The Parent-Teacher Project now by clicking here!

Key Quote:

"It’s all about trying to help the child see the needs of others."

 [The Parent-Teacher Project podcast is a project of the PARED Academy, a group of educators associated with the Pared Foundation and its four schools in Sydney, Australia. The Pared Academy's role is to collaborate with parents and teachers, identifying the real challenges in raising children today, and coming up with innovative and effective solutions for them.]

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