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Wollemi College is proud to announce a momentous achievement by one of its talented students, John M, who emerged as the champion in the 16-year 100m final at the NSW All Schools Athletics 2023 tournament. John's remarkable performance, clocking an impressive time of 10.81 seconds with a 1.0m/s tailwind, not only secured his victory but also left a lasting impression on the athletics community.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, John shared his excitement and newfound confidence after this impressive win, looking forward to the upcoming Australian All Schools championships scheduled later this year. He has set his sights on achieving a top-five finish in the national event, an ambitious goal that speaks to his determination and dedication to his sport.

Reflecting on his experience at the NSW All Schools Athletics, John acknowledged the competitive spirit and the quality of the competition. He mentioned, "Having the others there, today, really pushed me," a testament to the strong field of athletes who motivated him to give his best and secure his victory.

The College community is extremely proud of John's accomplishment, and we wish John the best of luck in his future endeavours and look forward to following his progress as he continues to excel in the field of athletics. Click the following link to read the Full Article on The Daily Telegraph.

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