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Wollemi bid a heartfelt farewell to the Class of 2023 on their Graduation Day, marking the end of an era as the last single-stream class to graduate. The college community came together in a beautiful celebration that united students, parents, and teachers to commemorate this momentous occasion.

The day commenced with a solemn mass, presided over by Fr. Felix and accompanied by the choir. Following the mass, the Graduation and Presentation Assembly featured accolades, speeches, musical performances by Simon Q and Ethan T, and a heartwarming farewell video as a tribute to the achievements and memories created during the students' time at Wollemi College.

The day's festivities reached their pinnacle at the Valete Dinner, hosted at the Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club. Here, the Year 12 graduates received Old Boys' ties, graduation certificates, and portraits as mementos of their time at school. We give special recognition to Mrs Wiggins and Mr Vassallo, who played pivotal roles in making this day possible.

The Class of 2023 now embarks on their next journey, as they prepare for the HSC exams and the adventures that lie ahead. The entire Wollemi community stands firmly behind them, ready to support and encourage them as they navigate their futures. The college expressed its sincere appreciation for everything the graduates have contributed to the institution and extended best wishes for their bright futures.

As the Class of 2023 takes their leave from Wollemi College, they carry with them the memories, friendships, and knowledge gained during their time at the school, ready to embrace the opportunities that await them in the world beyond. Congratulations to the amazing graduates, and here's to the bright futures that lie ahead!

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